Prescription Swimming Goggles

Prescription Swimming Goggles

Prescription Swimming Goggles are useful all year round , since their use is primarily required not only for leisure swimming but also for sports swimming. Here at SoftTouchLenses we sell high quality prescription swimming goggles for adults. We understand that you may have concerns when purchasing sighted swimming googles so we have listed below some information to help you with your online purchase of prescription swimming goggles.

Here are some product characteristics of Swimmi – The prescription swimming goggles by Centrostyle

  • have impact resistant polycarbonate lenses with scratch resistant coating on the outside and anti-fog coating on the inside.
  • UV protection
  • anti-reflective lenses for enhanced vision and stunning looks.
  • double silicone membrane for a perfect fit around the face
  • adjustable silicone twin strap to add a superior seal and protection when diving.  This allows the goggles to be loosened and tightened to fit most people
  • Available in a vast range of powers for long sightedness. -1.00 D to -10.00 D
  • A hard case for protection when not in use.

General points 

  • Sighted swimming goggles are useful for pool as well as sea use.
  • Since these googles are available in one single power for each pair , what we recommend for you if you have different powers in each eye is to purchase 2 pairs . We can then interchange the lenses according to the powers of your eyes’ prescription.  This will leave you with a spare pair. so for example if your prescription is Right eye -5.00D and Left eye -4.00D ,  you can buy 2 pairs of swimming goggles , 1 set of  -5.00D  and 1  set of – 4.00D. We then change and set the lenses for you according to your prescription.
  • In order to look after your swimming goggles, rinse them will with tap water after each use and store them in their storage box. Do not rub the inside of the lenses. The lenses have an anti fog coating which can be ruined by rubbing. Do not leave them in heat .
  • The swimming goggles  do not correct astigmatism.  So the degree of astigmatism you have will determine whether our off the shelf swimming goggles are suitable for you. Generally for astigmatism below 2.00 D , you can use the off the shelf swimming goggles. For anything greater than that you may have to opt for custom made swimming goggles.
  • Swimming Goggles are also available without prescription in Plano and can be used simply as eye protection. Protection from the pool chlorine or sea salt.

Prescription Swimming Goggles




Disclaimer: The author is not a medical doctor, optician  or ophthalmologist . This article has been compiled using a variety of internet and other reference sources and while every effort has been made to ensure accuracy this cannot be guaranteed. No brand or product preference is inferred or intended . The contents of this article are not to be used in whole or in part to inform a decision regarding any aspect of contact lens use


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