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Dailies Aquacomfort Plus Contact Lenses ALCON Ciba Vision (30 Lenses in a Box)

Dailies Aquacomfort Plus Contact Lenses ALCON Ciba Vision (30 Lenses in a Box)

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 Daily disposable


30 pcs in a Box


Nelfilcon A

Water content




Base curve

8.7 mm


Focus DAILIES can simplify your life:

• Advanced Comfort Technology
• A fresh, clean, new pair every day
• No lens care or maintenance
• Affordable for everyday use
• Ideal option for people with allergies
• More Allergy Comfort Tips
• Ideal for Teens

Focus Dailies are made with the breakthrough Lightstream Technology™ manufacturing process. This is what makes them so uniquely comfortable. Focus DAILIES are made of a super-thin, biocompatible material. The Lightstream Technology is what makes a smooth, clean, precise edge possible. They're so comfortable, you'll hardly know you're wearing them.

A Fresh, Clean, New Pair Each Day-Get first day comfort and first day clairity with Focus DAILIES!

Your eyes will know the difference when you wear Focus DAILIES. You will appreciate the comfort and convenience that comes with putting in a fresh pair every day instead of once a week, month or year. Focus DAILIES contain 20 percent more moisture content than the leading brand of contacts, providing superior comfort you can feel from the moment you insert them. And, because you start each day with a fresh, clean pair of Focus DAILIES, then throw them away at the end of each day, irritating deposits won't have a change to build up.

Superior comfort, and no cleaning hassles. Focus DAILIES make it easy to wear contacts.

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