Power Swimming Goggles FEIKE Rx Prescription Optical Corrective Lenses with UV Protection, Anti-Fog

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  • PC lenses UV protection, anti-fog, suits for both indoors and outdoors
  • High density seal rings water-tight fit and fit around the eye reducing raccoon eye
  • RX+ Swim Goggles, suitable for both adults and children
  • Wide-angle optical grade corrective lens in multiple diopter strengths (same correction in each eye) to fit your prescription needs 95% + UV protection & Shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses

    Make a fashion statement as you cut through the water with our high quality Affaires Powered Corrective Optical Swim Goggle. See clearly underwater and eliminate the worries of losing your contact lenses. Multiple diopter strengths available great for most near-sighted swimmers. Color: Black Material: Soft silicone material Package: Individually packed in PVC box

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    Satya Roy
    Myopia correction swimming goggles

    I recommend these goggles to anyone who is near sighted, especially the ones with higher power as being able to see clearly will definitely make you more confident and comfortable while swimming. The only issue I faced was that the lens tend to fog up a bit, but that can be managed by applying anti fog spray over it. All in all I genuinely liked the product.

    Very useful

    Thank you it is the best

    Gautama P
    Professional and reliable

    Was delivered on time. Well-crafted product with good packaging. Works as advertised except for the anti-fogging property.


    Power Swimming Goggles Aryca Rx Prescription Optical Corrective Lenses with UV Protection, Anti-Fog

    Elham Malik
    Not practical

    People have different power in different eyes. They need custom power lenses for both eyes. It doesn't help as both lenses have same power. Please upgrade to customised powered lenses.