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ACME 42 ASPHERIC Yearly Contact Lenses ( 2pcs in Pack )

ACME 42 ASPHERIC Yearly Contact Lenses ( 2pcs in Pack )

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Yearly Disposable Contact Lenses


2 pcs pack


Hefilcon A

Water content




Base curve





Acme 42 Aspheric Lens: Features, Product Characteristics and Advantages

The high water content of Acme 42 Aspheric contacts helps in preventing dryness and irritation of the eyes. This also makes the user feel fresh for the whole day. The water content of these lenses also helps to minimize the friction between the lenses and the eyelids while blinking. 

  • These contacts have healthy oxygen permeability to allow the entry of oxygen into the eyes. This helps the eyes to breathe easily and maintains them in a healthy condition.
  • The premium quality Hefilcon A material used for manufacturing these contacts helps in delivering crystal clear vision.
  • These contacts minimize the UV-A and UV-B rays entering the eyes. This helps in preventing the damage caused by the harmful ultraviolet radiation in the sun’s rays.
  • The aspheric design of these contacts provides crisp and sharp vision to users.
  • Superb comfort and easy handling are the features that make these contacts highly desirable for even new lens users. These lenses are so comfortable that you will not even feel you have them in your eyes.
  • The increased field depth of Acme 42 Aspheric lenses helps improve contrast sensitivity in order to provide exceptionally clear vision and enhances visual acuity at all distances.


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