Affaires Contact Lens Travel Kit Case Box Container Holder with Mirror Tweezers and Solution Bottle (PURPLE)

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  • Perfect for putting Contact lens care products. Suitable for using during travelling or outdoor activity. Small and easy to carry, keeping your contact lens clean and clear.
  • Material: plastic
  • Convenient to carry and lay aside the contact lens.
  • Keeps your contact lenses safe when not being worn.
  • Note: Please wash the plastic contact lens case for a few times before first use. Decrease contacting high temperature. Keep it clean no matter when use it before or end

Contact Lens Mate Box - Travel Kit Include:

* Tweezers

* Dual Box

* Mirror

* Wearing Stick

* One Bottle For Refilling Solution.

Notes: 1. Rinse the dual box and tweezers before use. Do not use liquid ...

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