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Kids Power Swimming Goggles Rx Prescription Optical Corrective Lenses with UV Protection, Anti-Fog ( 3yr to 8yr )

Kids Power Swimming Goggles Rx Prescription Optical Corrective Lenses with UV Protection, Anti-Fog ( 3yr to 8yr )

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  • Color: Blue
    Material: Soft silicone material
    Package: Individually packed in PVC box
  • Size : Ajustable Straps for perfect fit
  • Age Group: 3yrs to 8yrs
  • Gender: Unisex

  • Swim goggles for kids are designed to provide a clear vision underwater while keeping their eyes protected from water, pool chemicals, and injuries. They have a high-quality seal , UV blocking, and with prescription lenses for various vision corrections ( Power range -1.50 / -2.00 / -2.50 / -3.00 / -3.50 /  -4.00 ) There is adjustable straps for the perfect fit. Give your child the gift of clear vision and fun in the water this summer with our affordable and high-quality swim goggles.

  • PC lenses UV protection, anti-fog, suits for both indoors and outdoors
  • High density seal rings water-tight fit and fit around the eye reducing raccoon eye
  • RX+ Swim Goggles, suitable for children
  • Wide-angle optical grade corrective lens in multiple diopter strengths (same correction in each eye) to fit your prescription needs 95% + UV protection & Shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses

    Make a fashion statement as you cut through the water with our high quality Affaires Powered Corrective Optical Swim Goggle. See clearly underwater and eliminate the worries of losing your contact lenses. Multiple diopter strengths available great for most near-sighted swimmers.
  • Benefits of Prescription Swim Goggles

    Improved Vision Underwater

    Prescription swim goggles magically bring everything into focus, providing a crystal-clear view of the underwater wonders. No more straining to see objects or swimming blindly! Enhanced Safety With clear vision, kids can easily navigate through the water, avoiding any potential hazards that might lurk beneath the surface. It’s like having their own underwater superpowers! Confidence Boost Imagine how confident your little swimmer will feel when they can see clearly and conquer the water without fear. Prescription swim goggles can truly transform them into unstoppable aquatic dynamos. Increased Focus and Performance When kids can see clearly, it’s easier for them to concentrate on improving their technique and performance. They can focus on perfecting their strokes and diving skills without any visual distractions. Reduction in Eye Irritation Prescription swim goggles act as a protective shield, preventing chlorine and other irritants from reaching your child’s eyes. Say goodbye to redness, itchiness, and soreness! So parents, gear up your kids with these incredible prescription swim goggles and let them conquer the water world with confidence, safety, and improved vision. After all, there’s no limit to what our underwater superheroes can achieve with the power of clear sight!

  • Note:
    Power swimming goggles is under nonreturnable product.

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